Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Gift Ten Thousand Miles Gives

Other blogs give you Dan O'Mahony references; this one gives you the most obscure Dan O'Mahony references.

Just in the last few days, there's been an unexpected entrant into the "where Greg goes next" sweepstakes: the Netherlands. I've been there, once, as I think I mentioned before. I haven't really thought about going as an adult because I don't smoke pot, and that's all anyone (me included) thinks about when the word "Amsterdam" comes up.

But it's gaining. Maybe it's because I've been obsessed with my newest second-favorite sport, and it's big in Holland. Maybe it's all the van de Wetering novels, having a cumulative effect (speaking of, it's about time to re-read another).

Maybe it's just the pleasing sounds of the language. Italian is beautiful. German is harsh. Slavic languages are confusing. But Dutch -- Dutch wants to be your buddy. All those "oo"s and "aa"s -- how can you dislike that, how can you feel threatened by that? "Den Haag." If my war crimes trial was there, I'd go willingly, certain the people would be cool. French may try to seduce you, Dutch will get you pleasingly drunk.

So there we go: the launch of a new fascination, for a few weeks at least.


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