Monday, May 25, 2009

Anywhere But Here

Rather busy lately. Getting into that mindset where I feel I've gotta get outta town -- Colorado in July, but beyond that. I'm pricing flights to Tbilisi, to Asmara, to Ulanbaatar. All exotic-sounding places that hold appeal.

But, then, I might go for the tried-and-true:

#38 -- "Time's Magpie" by Myla Goldberg

Someone asked me what this was about the other day, and I made an offhand remark about how "it was the only book about Prague I've never read." This is really pretty far from true, though. I've read Peter Demetz's "Prague in Black and Gold," "Prague Pictures," that "literary guide to Prague" a while back, one about the Prague Spring -- not a lot else. So really I haven't overdone it on Prague the way I have about the Balkans. I just talk about it all the time.

The premise here: Prague's a city that's picked-and-chosen little scraps from each era over the centuries and now it's a charming mix. And you know what, it's a charming little book. It resists the temptation to bitch about all the tourists (like, say, I would do) and instead finds little slices of the city that go ignored. I made my usual mistake and figured: I've never heard of this, I won't like it. So wrong. Really nice little work and it made me want to head back, oh, now.

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