Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Could Follow You and Search the Rubble

The Peachtree Medical Arts Building, seen last week -- previously seen here. Still standing, not exactly standing strong. The building to its left in the earlier photo is now a big crater. Not really sure what's going on with the building. On the one hand, the fact that it's still standing could be construed as a positive sign. On the other, development going on around it could go the other way.

* * *

Spring has finally officially hit here, after fits and starts and the occasional snow. As my friend Nixy and I were sitting at the Park Tavern last night, enjoying a swell white wine and watching the sun go down over Piedmont Park, my parents called from Boulder -- where they had about eight inches of snow. It's rare that I'm glad to be here instead of there, but last night it felt good to be young and in Atlanta.

And an added benefit for you, the reader: when I finally got home the wine sent me into a deep slumber, so you were spared the dimly-remembered and probably incomprehensible post I'd dreamed up about former Houston Astros catcher Eddie Taubensee and how he represented some great universal something-or-other.

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Anonymous said...

Emory owns this property -- they won't sell it for any price because they have long-term plans for the location. In the meantime, it sits and rots.