Sunday, April 19, 2009

Albania Hockey Watch

Maybe this can be a recurring feature! Let's ask the Society for International Hockey Research (of which I'm a proud member) about Albanian hockey...

No ice rinks and no ice hockey played in the country.


Well, anyway. Desperately looking for something good after the Blues went down 2-0 to the Canucks (the Canucks!), I did some reading on Blues prospect Aaron Palushaj (now playing for Peoria) and discovered: dude is Albanian! This is, natch, awesome news for me and other Albaniaphiles, although reading further in a story it talks about how he passed up an Albania vacation, which shows some poor judgment, in my opinion.

He looks like a pretty certain bet to make the NHL, where he'd be (as far as I know - if anyone knows of others, please tell me) the second Albanian-heritage player in the league, after ... Tie Domi. Domi's a lot to make up for, so please join me in cheering for Palushaj to succeed, and we're going to add him to the PPA Ring of Fame. (Ring of Fame does not actually exist)


Nanuk of the North said...

Hey, no dissing Tie Domi.
Don Cherry loves Tie Domi. You gonna take on The Don?

bathmate said...

wow nice posting