Sunday, March 22, 2009

Walking Distance

I don't know what it means, but it hints to me: "Greg, you missed a legendary party." Years from now, they'll still be talking about the time Bill threw the cone in the tree.

I'm trying to walk five miles a day, part of my recuperation and building up endurance. It also has a dual purpose -- I lost a crapload of weight post-surgery and I'd like to keep it off. I'm eating pretty healthily as well, but the walking helps for that inevitable day when I decide to have nachos for breakfast and wings for lunch and wings with nacho cheese sauce for dinner.

Obviously, it helps to take the camera out with me -- looking for interesting stuff makes the walks go a bit quicker.

I know I've taken photographs of this before, but somehow I can't find them on the blog -- perhaps they predate it, or perhaps I didn't attach the coveted "old buildings" tag. It's one of my favorite buildings in Atlanta, the old Wrecking Bar (an antique place, not, as you might imagine, a drinking establishment), and I didn't take better photos yesterday because I thought there were already some posted. Dammit. A project for another day, I guess.

The old Wrecking Bar sign, photographed solely because I had never seen it before the other day. I guess it's always been covered by trees, or else I'm dangerously inattentive. I've always had the fantasy of opening a microbrewery in the building, but I have a couple zillion dollars less than that would require, plus no brewing experience, plus no head for business. So that may be out.

The building's been closed as long as I can remember. At least since I've been spending time in the area. It's a pity, because it's really gorgeous (these photos don't give much of an idea). It's just about a two-minute walk from the heart of Little Five Points, but it seems longer -- there's vacant space separating it from the operating businesses, and it seems more remote than it is. I'm also guessing rents are prohibitive. It's a great place, though, and I hope that eventually it reopens as something.

Flyer behind Surin Thai Restaurant. A line at the bottom directed interested parties to a website seeking softcore models, which was probably to be expected. But for a moment I thought I'd stumbled on a plan offering government subsidies for the attractive.

* * *

HC Kometa Brno flamed out of the 1. Liga finals yesterday, losing out on the chance of promotion to Usti nad Labem. Meanwhile the Avalanche lost 8-1 to an Oilers team that looks set to be the worst team to make it into the playoffs in a while. So I think I'm calling Operation: Shutdown on this hockey season -- I'm officially going to cheer for the Blue Jackets in the postseason, but my heart won't really be in it.


Brushback said...

"Hot For Free" - sounds like that would make a good title for something (book, blog, band, zine, movie, whatever).

gsdgsd13 said...

Maybe it's the zine of the "All this muerte death shit in fucking chicano culture" guy that posted comments on our blogs once. He sounded like someone who would be really concerned about the problem of people being hot for free.

Brushback said...

The newest spammer wacko has been leaving comments on my old hockey blog, touting "wow gold buy gold" links that are buried multiple times within cheezed-out "self motivation" paragraphs. I've been deleting them, since they're nowhere near as good as the Brazilian Death Metal guy.

I'll be using "hot for free" someday, you just watch.