Thursday, March 05, 2009

Got the Headphones On

Having Mom here for a while changed my music-listening habits quite a bit. She's pretty cool but not likely to think that, say, Unsane is as crucial listening as I might. So generally when I had the stereo on, it was jazz or classical.

So I made fuller use of my iPod than I ever have before -- for instance, several years into my ownership, actually ripping songs from CDs to put on it, as opposed to just relying on online material.

I rediscovered a lot of stuff that I hadn't listened to in a long time. Some of it was not great, but other rediscoveries -- Glossary, the Jesuseater EP, Poison Idea -- were pretty welcome.

And I started listening to Half Off for really the first time in my life. I liked (and still like, actually) Haywire, and I dug the "Shoot Guns Eat Pussy" 7" a long time ago, but never really took it terribly seriously and never listened to them beyond that. Now, I spent a shitload of time listening to "The Truth," and even though I'm about 15 years past the time when I would have logically got into it, and 20 years past the band's heyday, I'm loving it. Go figure.

(Working out nicely, Double Cross had an interview with Billy Rubin about the band's history -- I'm pretty sure I started listening to the album before I read that, but I was pretty doped up so the chronology may be all screwed up)

In much less cool musical news, my neighbor apparently hasn't made the connection between "shared walls in a building" and "don't blast awful music at 1 a.m.," so I've been hearing a lot of stuff that's not really my thing, unwillingly. I'm counting my blessings -- at least, judging by the fact that it's music and nothing else, she doesn't have a really active sex life. But I'd rather not hear even this.

Except: after hearing it umpteen times in the past two weeks, I've got Katy Perry's "Hot 'n' Cold" stuck in my head on an endless loop. And I kind of dig it (after the seventh or eighth time I heard it, I had to Google the lyrics). Somewhere back in time, 15-year-old me is listening to "Everything Went Black" on his Walkman and scowling at 36-year-old me. Except that 15-year-old me also listened to Edie Brickell and Martika a lot, so he can go screw himself.


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Not really, but it impresses people when I say I do.

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Step by step, heart to heart--how can you dog Martika???