Thursday, March 26, 2009

Flatlander Recluse

I've barely left the house this week (other than for work), thanks in large part to some insane stomach bug that apparently entered me on Sunday. Seriously, by last night I was looking into the ins and outs of E. coli contamination, just so I'd be prepared. Then -- it was over and I'm more-or-less healthy again. Go figure.

Occupying me while I've been staying inside, feeling sad: I got the Obits CD, which is hopefully a sign that in 2009 I'll buy more albums that weren't made 40 years ago. It doesn't quite live up to their blazer of a 7", but since I'm obviously never going to learn that it's easier to sustain intensity over two songs as opposed to 11 or 12, I can't really hold that against them. It's pretty good and fills the hole in my heart left by the Hot Snakes' demise. They actually played here not long ago, but I'm working at 7:30am now and not feeling all that energetic at night. Plus it was St. Patrick's Day and the streets were filled with fools. (on the other hand, the club's about five blocks from my place, so in the end I just suck.)

Also occupying me:

#28 -- "M31: A Family Romance" by Stephen Wright

Another one that's been sitting on my shelf for years, looking intimidating. I also for some time thought that this was written by the comedian Steven Wright, but no. In any case, it's a bizarre but beautiful book, about a troubled young woman falling in with a family of UFO cultists in the middle of Iowa. Things pretty quickly degenerate into rape, murder and incest, but it's not exploitative -- it's really well-written. Wright gets compared to Don DeLillo some, and at times I saw it, but his gift for description is all his own.

* * *

Two cool blogs with Atlanta ties: Savory Exposure, done by Broderick, who frequently watches football with the same gang I do each autumn. He's a hell of a photographer and puts that to use checking out Atlanta's restaurants, and making them look really good in the process. Then, Beyond Failure, which I only now caught onto through the comments on one of Brushback's posts from a few months back. It's memories and mp3s from the Atlanta hardcore scene, and while I'm familiar with virtually none of the bands featured, it's a blast to read. I'm a sucker for this sort of oral history, and I wish someone (not me) would do something similar for Tucson.

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