Sunday, March 29, 2009

Bacon, Bacon

Yesterday was the third annual Baconfest at Dad's Garage (here's photos from 2007 and 2008), and I'm pretty sure one of the top things they recommend for a recent heart surgery patient is "eat bacon," so I headed down. For chrissakes, I've been to all of them so far -- that's not a record you take lightly, friends.

But my parents and cardiologist will be thrilled to hear that I played it pretty cool. I only had three beers, spread over four hours. Granted, in my new weakened/healthy/lighter state, that's enough to get me tipsy and babbling. And I only had three handfuls of bacon. I think two years ago, I had that much in the first fifteen minutes.

The Elk and the Wall (another three-time Baconfester -- at the very least, we deserve medals or tattoos) also showed up, good times were had. I went a little lighter on the photos this year, but did have the Elk take this one just before my first handful of bacon (first bacon since pre-surgery, no less):

I call that picture "America." The bacon tasted great, by the way.

They also had a face-painting booth, which adopted a policy that I'd like to see all face-painting booths take on: the customer would pick a design from a list, such as a star or butterfly or whatever, and the painter would proceed to draw phalluses on the cheek, along with a message like "No cock = sad" or "I love anus." I thought that was pretty awesome, although I may have felt differently if I were walking around with "I take it in every hole" scrawled on my face.


Brushback said...

You're kidding - did they (face painting booth) really do that? That's awesome.

"Uncorking the bottle of regret" is still the best blog header subtitle. Don't know if you changed back to it a while ago, but I just noticed it now.

Jes GÅ‘lbez said...

"America"? Yet, you are wearing a DUKLA JIHLAVA t-shirt. eh?

gsdgsd13 said...

Brushback - I wish I'd photographed some of the face-paintees. They were hilarious.

I still haven't uncorked the bottle of Regret... it might be vinegar by now.

Jes - it's actually a Dukla Praha soccer t-shirt, but I guess that doesn't change the whole deal.

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