Thursday, February 12, 2009

Milestones Achieved

Despite plenty of spare time, I haven't been writing much, because really, does anyone want to read about "I walked two blocks today" or "my incisions are healing nicely"? I think not, and I don't really want to write about it. I will say that long-term healing is a pretty boring process, though I wouldn't think that if it suddenly went wrong.

I'm facing one little ethical dilemma. Some guy in New York apparently used my e-mail address to establish his account for a popular "hook up with married people" dating site. (my personal e-mail address is one that is easily chosen if you hit random keys, unfortunately.) So I'm getting lots of e-mails with notes like "LuvsHumpin09 has sent you a message!" That's pretty irritating. I sent a note to the site's customer service asking them to remove my e-mail address from this account, with no luck.

Here's the dilemma: when I click on links in the e-mails, I'm into his account -- without needing to know the password. Since he freely used my e-mail, would it be so wrong if I changed his password? Or changed his preferences so that he was broadcasting some interesting new fetishes to the NYC dating pool?

These are the tough questions of our day.

* * *

Speaking of the milestone mentioned in the title:

#14 -- "Mason & Dixon" by Thomas Pynchon

I had a grand old time reading this, finally. I also understood maybe 50 percent of it. If there's a heaven, I'll spend a chunk of time there with ol' Tom P explaining what he was doing in his books, line by line. I probably wouldn't have had the patience for this with any other author, but with Pynchon it's pretty energetic and fun. And great timing, too, since he's got another book coming out later this year.

I'm a bit at a loss with what to do with myself now -- promising to read "M&D" has been a constant in my life for years now.

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Cranky said...

Man, I haven't even finished Against the Day yet.