Monday, February 02, 2009

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way to the Super Bowl

A few months ago, I dropped cable. It wasn't much of a sacrifice. I work nights, so I don't watch a lot of television, and generally when I feel like visual stimulation, I just watch a DVD. At the time I dropped it, I calculated that I'd spent well over $150 for about ten minutes of viewing over a few months, so it seemed like the right thing to do. I haven't missed it since.

Until last night, that is, when I belatedly realized that at my location in Atlanta, you can't pick up a broadcast signal without cable -- making the Super Bowl unwatchable. I'm still too weak to spend a few hours out, even in a non-smoking location, so Mom and I decided to listen to it on the radio.

Except the radio station wouldn't come in either -- I got scraps of football in the maelstrom of what sounded like a H.P. Lovecraft reading. So we followed the game through's online update. I'll admit that I kind of hoped for a blowout so that I wouldn't miss much, but by all accounts it was a corker. Sigh.

* * *

#12 -- "Cold Water Burning" by John Straley

Back in mystery-loving days, I was a pretty big fan of Straley. I never did read this one, apparently his final Cecil Younger novel before abandoning the genre. It's still pretty good PI fic, with the author's really good eye for Alaska as the driving force. The plot's pretty much secondary to the depiction of the town's desperate lives and relationships. It's grim and sad, and often beautiful. Straley's got a new novel out and I may be moved to track that down.

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