Monday, January 12, 2009

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Seriously, I just can't come up with anything.

#4 -- "Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy" by John Le Carre

Le Carre is probably one of the more surprising authors that I've never (fully) read -- now that I've got this done, John Updike, David Foster Wallace and Umberto Eco are probably leading the list.

I never got much into spy fiction, for the most part. I was a really big Frederick Forsyth fan at one adolescent point, but that's about it. Never really got into Bond films, either, so it crosses entertainment boundaries.

This is considerably more complicated than either Forsyth or Bond, and while I got a bit frustrated at times in the middle, it was very rewarding. Despite exhaustion, I read the last third or so straight through last night. One thing I appreciated -- there's a lot of characters in this, and all of them are very fleshed out.

I went ahead and ordered the next George Smiley book from Paperback Swap today, which is my version of a high recommendation. That's one of the pleasures of reading -- getting into someone that has a couple dozen books out there already.

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