Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Thurston Moore Book Club

#5 -- "The Glass Hammer" by K.W. Jeter

Confession: I picked this up solely because it was referenced in the liner notes to Sonic Youth's "Sister," along with a couple other books. Deep down, I'm the same kid who started reading Judge Dredd because Anthrax slapped him on all their t-shirts.

It's a dystopian future type thing, which I may have burned out on long ago. Religion and television are inseparable. The lead character becomes a star for his ability to drive fast enough to outrace missiles.

It got better as it went along and some of the pieces fell into place, though several of the plotlines weren't explored enough and then wrapped up hurriedly in the space of a page or two. And for the most part, the characters (minus the occasionally-seen Cynth) are really undeveloped.

It was ok, in the end. Nothing thrilling, but quick at least. In the copy I had, some previous reader (Kim Gordon?) underlined all the parts where one of the characters says or thinks something really heavy. Man, please don't do that, world.

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