Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Sky Above You

I was trying to think of some hardcore band that referenced the sky in their album titles or something, but all I could think of was The Fixx, and they aren't exactly hardcore.

Something of an occasional theme on this blog: my fascination with the sky in the western part of the United States. I never fail to be awed by it when I go back. These are far from the most astonishing sky scenes I saw back on this trip, but I didn't always have my camera with me.

As I said in the last post, it's only on this past trip that I realized that maybe, just maybe, there are some people who don't find the Colorado scenery as lovely as I do. (Poor fools.) I guess if you grew up in (say) Atlanta, the landscape may seem barren, and the sky may not be beautiful but unfriendly. And some people might say "Hey, Greg, that's the same bloody sky you're looking at down in Georgia." They'd be wrong, though.


Cranky said...

It is beautiful. It's the one thing I love about living in Lubbock. The sky here, every single day, is gorgeous like your pictures. I'm admiring it right now. I think we're only about 6 hours away from Co, so that would make sense.

Keep those skies in your heart!

Dayna said...

Swedish melodic death band At The Gates has an album called The Red In The Sky Is Ours.