Monday, December 15, 2008

Rush Hour

Last night I was chatting with ICJ (pictured, right) and discussing who knows what, when I realized something kinda amazing.

I've lived in Atlanta for nine years; during that time I've almost exclusively worked evening or overnight shifts.

Before that, Boulder; part of the time, I could walk to work, and even when I couldn't, my hours were flexible enough that no one would care much as long as I showed up any time between, say, six a.m. and noon.

In later years of college, I mostly worked either at the student newspaper or random temp or freelance jobs -- I lived right off campus, so I could usually walk.

So the last time I really had to deal with rush hour traffic on a regular basis was when I was a 19-year-old intern at IBM, down in Tucson. 16 years ago. That's quite a record, and whenever I do end up dealing with it again, it'll be a real shock to the system.

* * *

Also in kind of odd, going-a-long-time-without-doing-something-common news: about a week ago, I fried an egg. For the first time in my life.


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Worst of all, I guess that's actually a Bears fan. The paucity of vintage Aints bag-on-head material on the internet is a shameful, shameful thing.