Saturday, December 20, 2008

The PPA Endorses: A Place That Sells Beer

The only problem with Decatur's fine Brick Store is that I can't get to it by foot; I've either gotta cadge a ride, take a cab, or drive and limit myself to one or two beers.

So I'm pretty excited to find that the Porter Beer Bar is every bit as good as I'd heard. Nice extensive beer list, what looks like an amazing menu (I had the hush puppies, and they were great), and a nifty little setup. It's narrow and I imagine it'd be hell when crowded, but I can easily limit myself to off-hours patronage.

So it earns that coveted distinction -- an actual Post-Pessimist Association endorsement, as opposed to just a place I'll happily drink at. I guess it just joins Manuel's and Sobo 151 in that hallowed group. I'm happy to welcome it into the regular rotation.

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