Sunday, December 07, 2008

I Got Nothing From That

Fox football announcer, providing insight after the Eagles' Brian Westbrook scored a rushing touchdown:

"His legs never stopped moving."

I've been watching football for 30 years or so, and I can't think of a time when a player ran for a touchdown without moving his legs.

* * *

I'm back in Atlanta, providing me with all sorts of opportunities to bitch about how I'm not in Colorado any more. Kind of perfectly, I had to take the MARTA trains back to where my car was parked after I landed last night -- I don't know if I've ever bitched about the public transportation in this city. I probably have, so I won't repeat myself again. I'll just say that trying to get from one place to another using public transportation makes me want to die.

At least I didn't have to work today, and was able to spend the day watching football with friends and getting pleasantly blotto on beer. It wasn't, say, Fat Tire (like you'd get in Colorado!) but I'd feel kind of like a poser if I were drinking pitcher after pitcher of non-cheap beer.

* * *


#51 -- "In the Spirit of Crazy Horse" by Peter Matthiessen

#52 -- "Bitter Lemons" by Lawrence Durrell

I'd never heard of the Matthiessen book before reading this post -- with about ten minutes more research, I ordered a copy. I had heard of Leonard Peltier, of course, but I primarily knew him as a name on a bumper sticker, with some vague idea of the 1975 AIM shootout (I thought it took place in the 1980s, so very vague, I guess). "In the Spirit of Crazy Horse" is something else -- exhaustively researched, angry, and gripping. He acknowledges at the end that it's fairly one-sided (and gives reasons for this) -- the other side would have to be pretty convincing to balance this out. I knew little of the material Matthiessen covers, and I feel ashamed now. By the end, I was ready to buy a "Free Leonard Peltier" sticker myself. This is really, really good, and given my interest in the modern American West, it's a bit unforgivable that I didn't tackle this subject 'til now.

"Bitter Lemons," meanwhile, is another widely-acknowledged travel literature classic, but I'm gonna have to be the dissenting voice there. Durrell moved to Cyprus for a few years in the 1950s, as the push for independence grew and exploded, and he often writes beautifully about the country. Unfortunately, he likes writing about himself a whole lot more. It's one of the most colonial books I've read -- the author is really impressed by himself, and counts the Cypriots as really lucky to have met him. There's lots of really nice bits right next to parts that made me want to build a time machine so that I could travel back to 1950 and punch Durrell in the face. Some nice stuff but really aggravating, and if you feel compelled to read about Cyprus (and who doesn't?) try Colin Thubron's "Journey Into Cyprus" instead.


gsdgsd13 said...

Things we learn from this post: after a few pitchers of beer, I use the word "really" a whole lot.

Cranky said...

Really? ;)

You can't get Fat Tire in Atlanta? We can get it in Texas. Well, the podunk town where I reside temporarily is dry, but in civilation, we can get it. Yum!

gsdgsd13 said...

Yeah, it's still not available in Georgia. But I'm hopeful. When my girlfriend and I visited Nashville a couple months ago, we found Fat Tire there, and they said it had just appeared in Tennessee. So it's slowly creeping eastward.

Cranky said...

I have one left in my fridge. I'll drink it in your honor!

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Brushback said...

I was gonna say something, but that last comment was so stupid that it made me forget what I was gonna say.

Brushback said...

Dude! Remember that long comment I got, like a couple of years ago, with the crazy guy going on and on about Brazil or God or something? What was that? Do you still have it?

gsdgsd13 said...

God, yeah, I kept that for posterity. It remains the best thing ever to appear on this blog. Let me see if I can dig up the right post...

gsdgsd13 said...

It's in the comments to this post:

The basketball guy here has a long way to go to match this dude.

gsdgsd13 said...

I'd forgotten how brilliant this was:

Lots of Latin American metal blogs. You people can't afford it.
Yes, you did have a domesticable animal. But it is just one. And isn't the llama indigenous to moutainous regions??? Expect this favor to fall along these lines.
Don't forget:::You are Baby Africa.

I have a feeling that if I read it closely enough, I'll realize that this guy actually predicted the economic problems, or something.

Cranky said...

I'm not sure if it was my lack of sleep or what, but that llama/baby Africa thing made me chuckle for about 5 minutes.

Cranky said...

Still laughing. And it made me think of this