Monday, December 22, 2008

Careful What You Wish For

I was wearing shorts around outside Friday and Saturday, whining to anyone who would listen (and some who wouldn't) that 70 degree temperatures less than a week before Christmas are just horrible and wrong, I wanted real winter, blah blah.

Today I woke up and it was 18 degrees outside. Har har har.

Of course, it's supposed to hit 60 again by Thursday. This is why everyone in this city spends most of October through March sick.

* * *

#53 -- "Author Unknown" by Don Foster

I was all set to write a post thanking the site that referred me to this, six years or so ago, and I went back there and it wasn't that site. So hell if I know where I first heard about this. It languished on my to-read list for years, and I just now got to it.

Foster is a "literary detective" who traces authorship in legal cases or disputed writings and things like that. Here, he's got a few of his stories -- some really fun (Shakespeare, Joe Klein), some a little dull for my tastes (Monica Lewinsky). My favorite, natch, is trying to figure out if a series of letters in a Northern California paper were from Thomas Pynchon.

Foster doesn't take himself too seriously, and that makes this a lot more fun. He's a jovial and chatty writer; the tone is less "look how amazing I am" than "hey, this is pretty cool. Check it out." It's fun and quick.

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