Thursday, November 06, 2008

Shorts Weather

The first year that I lived in Arizona, I wore shorts every single day. It took me a while to acclimate from Colorado and it just always seemed warm. I'd go to school and my classmates would be bundled up in sweaters and jackets, and I'd be wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Given the age I was at, it's not inconceivable that part of it was a sad attempt to establish myself as a "character," but I also just never felt cold.

I remembered that today as I went through another November day wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I won't match my Arizona record -- we've had some cold days, and I have a job that sort of requires some dignity in dress, even if it's just jeans.

It's too bad I already used the "Indian Summer" title because we're on our second or third one now. Yeah, it's warmer than most places here, but I don't recall it usually hitting the upper 70s in November.

The trees are pretty bloody amazing -- I'll have to get out and take photos. I certainly had time today, but I didn't really think of it 'til sundown.

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