Sunday, November 02, 2008

It's Hard To Be A Penguin In the City

Halloween night, I dressed up for the first time in years (first time since I moved to Atlanta, at least ... I'm struggling to remember if I ever did anything beyond throwing on a jersey and saying I was a hockey player on injured reserve since college) and went to a work party a bit north of here. I didn't drive (for no reason, as it turned out -- I was shockingly responsible) and about 2 a.m., decided to head home. Checker Cab's line was on eternal hold and no one with a car was leaving, so I decided to start walking and hail a cab along the way.

Turns out there's one ugly fact about Atlanta: the cabs don't stop for a lone six-foot-one penguin, flipper sadly raised under the streetlights of Monroe Avenue. I ended up walking the whole two and a half miles (occasionally running into fellow revelers, who helpfully pointed out "you're a penguin!"), which was at least good for me, though my feet are still sore 36 hours later.

* * *

Back when I lived in Boulder, and for that matter Tucson, I had a bit of trouble with various rules of the road -- speed limits, full and complete stop, etc. But since moving out here, I'd tread (or driven) the straight and narrow: no traffic infractions since I moved to Atlanta.

Until now. My streak's over at nine years and one week. I got a notice in the mail yesterday with two photos -- one showing me about to enter an intersection with a (newly) red light above it, the next showing the tail end of my car clearing that intersection.

Busted by photo enforcement. I'm back on the wrong side of the law.


Nanuk of the North said...

No posted photo of you in said penguin suit? There must be a pic somewhere...

gsdgsd13 said...

There are indeed photos. I'm waiting to see if some people who were at the party come through with pics, but either way I'll post one at some point.