Sunday, November 16, 2008

In Their Ruin

#48 -- "The Boys of Summer" by Roger Kahn

Geez, I seem to have read a lot about baseball this year -- more than I've read about any sport I actually, you know, watch here in 2008. I'm relatively sure I read this one as a kid, but I probably wasn't too interested -- the Brooklyn Dodgers weren't even around any more, I wanted to read about teams like the Astros and Blue Jays!

My loss (if I did indeed read it and dismiss it) -- one of the finer baseball books I've read. I was really, really impressed by this, beautifully written, honest and unsparing. Makes me wonder what else I missed out on when I was young.

* * *

Staying with baseball: there's a new blog set up devoted to the 1978 Topps baseball card set, which were my favorite cards as a kid -- though I didn't start buying cards until two seasons later. In about sixth grade, I bought a shoebox full of these cards at a garage sale, and I loved those cards like no others -- I'll eternally remember them as having perfect photography and design, though the truth may be a little less grand.

A lot of the appeal, I think, was a bit of exotic nostalgia. Though these cards only came out a few years before I started following baseball, a lot of the team uniforms changed drastically by the time I got clued in. So seeing these cards was like looking through a time warp. Anyway, the link is here: 78 Topps.

Glad it showed up because blogs I like seem to be dropping like flies lately. Fire Joe Morgan just called it quits. Covered in Oil is down to one of its three writers. When I started this (with the intention of it being a hockey blog), I was inspired by three blogs -- Sidearm Delivery, Hockey Rants, and CIO. Now only one remains, and it just barely.


fredoluv said...

not influenced by me?!?

well, then!

gsdgsd13 said...

You've inspired me in so many other ways, though. The cockroach incident.

Like I said, I initially thought this would be a hockey blog... so I drew my inspiration there.

Cranky said...

Nice. I was just going through my collection the other day. I started out with Topps, moved to mainly Donruss and then it was all Upper Deck from there. Ah. Those days were fun.

gsdgsd13 said...

Donruss cards were always really exotic when I was growing up. I'd see them in magazine ads, but no place near me sold them ... when a friend of mine had some Donruss cards in his collection (this was, oh, 1983 or so) I was jealous as hell.

Cranky said...

Wow. I never knew how lucky I was, I guess. Exotic. I like that. Makes me want to drink a mai tai and smooth on some Hawaiian Tropic, admiring my collection in the sunlight. ;)