Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Election Day

I was gonna post a mp3 of the Anti-Heros' "Election Day," which is a pretty great song, but I'm lazy and you can probably find it on iTunes or whatever anyway.

Got up responsibly early, was at my polling place when it opened, and it still took 90 minutes -- and that's with a very efficient, well-run operation in place. Amazing turnout. In 2004, same location, slightly later hours, it took me less than half that. Later I took a book over to the Ski Bum, suffering in another line -- hers was considerably longer than mine had been.

I've bitched considerably about this never-ending election season, but I'm also thoroughly addicted -- and I've never been much of a political junkie, taking more interest in European politics than American. For whatever reason -- the chaos of the past eight years, the candidates this time around, something I haven't thought of -- I've been rapt. The past two weeks, as I've been off work, I've been glued to the news. Not just watching, but checking Wonkette, FiveThirtyEight, Sadly No, Andrew Sullivan, Jon Taplin, and others on an hourly basis.

I'm kind of glad to see it finally here, but I also wonder what I'll be doing with my time tomorrow.

* * *

#47 -- "Blue Highways" by William Least Heat Moon

Apt that I finish this on election day -- this made me feel pretty American. I'd wanted to read this for a while, got it through paperbackswap.com, then immediately decided I wouldn't like it (I think because the cover looked like an inspirational poster). Judging a book by its cover, etc -- this is fantastic. WLHM lost his job and lost his wife, and reacted by taking off into the wilds of America -- traveling the country's back roads and forgotten highways, meeting people, seeing interesting things.

He's a great writer, honest and sympathetic, and has a good eye and sharp wit. I generally spend my time wanting to chuck it all and go see new things, and this will certainly not curb that desire at all.

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Nanuk of the North said...

I am grateful to Wonkette for introducing HENGHH?? into my vocabulary.