Monday, October 20, 2008

Jackie R

#44 -- "Jackie Robinson: A Biography" by Arnold Rampersad

If I had the foresight for these kinds of things, I would have made this #42.

This is the second biography of Jackie Robinson that I've read -- the first was back in elementary school, and all I remember is that in it he had a cartoon talking baseball floating over his shoulder, giving him advice throughout his life. I always thought that would come in handy. There have been times when I could have used that talking baseball. ("No, Greg, don't do shots tonight!")

Rampersad's book inexplicably leaves out the talking baseball, but is pretty comprehensive in all other ways, giving a lot more insight into one of the most-analyzed sporting lives of the 20th century. He gives as much weight, if not more, to Robinson's non-sport life as his baseball career, which is pretty interesting. I sort of vaguely knew about his civil rights work post-playing, but let's face it, generally when I think of Jackie Robinson I think about baseball. So it's really illuminating to get much deeper into his life. A good book (and another that's been sitting on my shelves for a decade).

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