Saturday, October 18, 2008

Indian Summer

Summer stormed back briefly this week, getting up to 90 and reminding me that people aren't really meant to live here, but all-day rain yesterday cooled it off about 30 degrees and now I'm comfortable bringing the flannel shirts out of mothballs. It's been said 3,600 times since I started this blog, but autumn in Atlanta is pretty damned beautiful, and I wish it were a longer interregnum between between hell-on-earth summer and pissy/drizzly/damp winter. But it isn't, and I'll just appreciate it while it lasts. I have two weeks off from work starting next Friday, coming at the right time (I'm at that point where I'm thinking "only five days 'til my weekend" when the work week starts). I probably won't end up going anywhere because I have enough to keep me busy here, and any time off is good, wherever I may be.

* * *

After I made Miroslav's Meatloaf last week, the Ski Bum expressed surprise that I'm a firm fan of Czech defensemen besides Tomas Kloucek. Because I rarely have anything better to do, I subsequently made a canonical list of the Czech Defensemen I Like But No One Else Is Really Into. It's as follows:

Tomas Kloucek
Frantisek Kaberle
Jiri Bubla
Jiri Slegr
Libor Zabransky (now in charge of HC Kometa Brno -- who sit atop the Czech 1.liga!)
Petr Prajsler
Miroslav Dvorak
Ales Pisa (showed NHL promise, bolted when he couldn't get a one-way contract, last seen when the now-vanished Vakfan described him thusly: "Overrated, overpaid. Headlines about Pisa normally start with 'suspension' or 'stupid penalty'." Oh Ales.

I own 13 jerseys once belonging to the aforementioned guys (seven Kloucek, two Pisa, one each of Zabransky, Prajsler, Slegr and Kaberle. Probably another of those things I shouldn't admit.

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