Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Blogger Who Came In From the Cold

Oh, hey. Yeah, I'm still alive -- just distracted by work, the health stuff (about which more sometime soon, after I have a stiff drink), home stuff, and the ability to play Qix on MAME.

I really am going to post Nashville pics at some point -- I guess I just have to let the calm of a vacation completely fade before I can get some photos up. Here's one, just for kicks -- the utterly bizarre/vaguely demonic-looking AT&T building in the center of downtown.

It's the tallest building not only in Nashville, but all Tennessee, as you'd know if you just looked at Wikipedia like I did. It's pretty intriguing, though I still don't know if I actually like it.

* * *

Other stuff: oh, hey, I read books, but both are books I've read a million times before:

#40 -- "Neither Here Nor There" by Bill Bryson

#41 -- "The Burglar Who Painted Like Mondrian" by Lawrence Block

Both are very funny and you should read them!

* * *

And oh look, it's hockey season, so it's time for Don Cherry to say something that puts my teeth on edge. I realize that most hockey fans are somewhere to the right of Newt Gingrich, but God, it remains a constant embarassment that this xenophobic weirdo remains the most prominent spokesman for the sport. The sad thing is, he does make some good points about the unfeasability of European expansion, but it's in such an obnoxious manner that I end up rooting for the Flames to move to Helsinki.

And that calls for a hockey update: HC Kometa Brno are in second place in the Czech "1. liga," just a point behind league leaders HC Vrchlabi (booo! hiss!). I still do not have a HC Kometa t-shirt.

And in 11 13 games with HC Barys Astana, PPA hero Tomáš Klouček (or Томаш Клоучек, as he's known in Kazakhstan) has three assists and 53 penalty minutes. Go TK!

Here's a video of Barys Astana (in blue) winning a game recently -- I think you can actually see TK on the second two Barys goals, starting at about 1:50. He's #22. However, since the guy I think may be Клоучек is doing things like jumping into the rush -- very unKloucekian behavior -- I may be wrong.

More stuff coming soon, a bit more regularly, for all six of you that are still reading.


lralle said...

..."ability to play Qix on MAME."
I'm sure that game contributed to the development of my acid reflux. (shudder)

alanah said...

Oy. Cherry is only the most prominent spokesman because he's the most obnoxious. Being a prick is a rewarding career path, it seems. The fun/ironic thing is that I read a quote today from Sean Avery that would agree with you. (Yeah, Avery of all people...). He said:

“He's a staple as far as Canadian hockey goes. And I grew up watching Coach's Corner, and he serves a purpose.

“But he really does not know shit about hockey.

“He knows, like, unnecessary facts about putting Sears catalogues on your shin pads.

“He says a lot of things. He calls people by their wrong names. And it's just, like, enough of this guy.

“The European guys hated him, but I always stuck up for him,” he said. “I said, ‘it's Grapes'. You've got to love him. But he would bash the European guys.

"And there are a lot of great European players. They may not be the toughest guys in the world, but they still bring an exciting part to the game."

gsdgsd13 said...

I saw part of the Avery quote, but not the full thing. What a weird world, where I'm nodding and saying "thank God, it's Sean Avery, the voice of reason."