Saturday, September 27, 2008

Probably the Only Blogger to Eulogize Paul Newman Today

When I was in college, our student newspaper was playing one of those games beloved of 20-year-olds looking to avoid work, discussing who would play each of us in a movie. I chose a young Paul Newman. Never mind that the only resemblance I bore to Paul Newman of any age was that we were both white guys, never mind that Paul Newman probably wouldn't be caught dead in a Youth of Today t-shirt and cut-off Dockers. He had an ageless cool that I wanted to emulate even then.

There was something eternal and reassuring about him -- he looked roughly the same in "The Sting" as he did in "Nobody's Fool" -- maybe older, but just as composed and calm.

There aren't many humans I'd call timeless, but he was. If Paul Newman can die, we're all screwed.

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