Saturday, September 13, 2008

Music City Miracle

So hey, I've been in Nashville for a few days, without any real internet access save the Holiday Inn lobby computer, which had Net Nanny installed so that I was prevented from accessing "adult content" sites like One Base On An Overthrow.

The photo above can be chalked up to one of two things: I was shocked because I'd just consumed several "Key Lime Martinis," and thus realized that I'm not actually a 35-year-old man but instead a 19-year-old sorority girl, or because it's the first time I've seen the word "Predators" in the past twelve months without someone concurrently shrieking at me about Jim Balsillie.

More pictures and HC Kometa Brno info available once I catch up. I'll end the suspense, though -- N-ville's a fun town!


Brushback said...

I'm "adult content"?

Well, that oughta get me a lot of hits.

gsdgsd13 said...

Yeah, I was impressed. I tried to go to your site, but this big "blocked" notice came up. Kids can't be exposed to Breaking Circus!

Brushback said...

Here's something funny: the Die Kreuzen album cover on your t-shirt is the one that shows the big mean-looking skeletons with fangs, right?

Then on the building behind you is the Predators' logo-- a skull-looking outline with big mean fangs.

Almost as if you planned it that way.

gsdgsd13 said...

Oooooh, nice. I love it when Die Kreuzen and hockey come together (it doesn't happen as often as you might expect).

Maybe they could start playing the first album between periods at Predators games -- I might make the drive up there for that.