Thursday, August 07, 2008

Something I Learned Today

Things, actually:

1) Someone has created a blog devoted to good representations of the humble ampersand, and I enjoy it. If you had told me that prior to me seeing this blog, I would have looked at you strangely, but go figure. My brother passed it on. Thanks, Tim.

Apparently it got hyped on, which I'm vaguely aware is a big blog, but I've always associated it with Leo Kottke the musician. Nothing against him -- I saw him once in Boulder, and he was pretty good, and I'm pretty sure I wasn't drunk -- but I always figured a web page devoted to him would be kind of dull. Yeah, I know this one ISN'T devoted to him, but I can't shake the association.

2) The Canadian Football League actually gives out a "Most Valuable Canadian" award in the Grey Cup. This has cheered me to no end. I guess (please don't correct me if I'm wrong) that they give an award to the real most valuable player, and then they give the Most Valuable Canadian award to the most valuable player who's actually from Canada, which is like the substitute kicker or something. If you know anyone from Canada, go ahead and tell them -- "Hey, , you're the Most Valuable Canadian in my book." Unless they're a prick.

I found this fact when I was searching for a good deal on a Saskatchewan Roughriders jersey, just in case anyone thought I wasn't a dork.

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