Sunday, August 24, 2008

Scenes From A Rainy Night in Atlanta

A couple, out for a dog-walk in the light rain. They're heading up North Highland Avenue, near my house.

A bridal store recently moved into a building over there -- what was once the Harvest restaurant, which I remember as being good despite never remembering a meal there. It's still fairly new in that location, so perhaps it caught the guy by surprise.

They're walking at a decent pace until they get to the bridal store, and the girl stops dead in her tracks. Stops, turns 90 degrees, gapes at the window display (rain be damned).

The guy (and dog)? He does everything but break into a sprint. He started moving as fast as a man can while technically still walking.

* * *

A while back I was gonna write something about how rain suits Atlanta and the city's a bit prettier/friendlier during it, but I sobered up. I had something (what, I'm not sure) there, though. It loses its big city hopes during a nice rain like tonight's, and settles into something more comfortable for Atlanta -- it feels more like a large town rather than a city.

Granted, everyone in that city starts driving like they're dealing with a blizzard, so it's not all fun and games. But around here I'll take rain over sunshine.

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