Friday, August 15, 2008

Maiden Atlanta

We're still in the dregs of August, a/k/a "the month when everyone with half a brain gets the hell out of Atlanta," an appellation it shares with June, July, January, February, much of May and September, and probably a week or so in April. But there's little signs that eventually, it may cool off a bit and this whole disgusting heat-fest will ease a bit. You no longer have to get up before 7 a.m. if you want to spend a little time outside; yesterday I was strolling at about 10:30, post-rainstorm, and it was actually pleasant outside. Imagine that! Pleasure!

I've pretty much gone all summer without going out and taking photos, because it's been so bloody disgusting that I just sit inside and read/lie on the couch until it's either time to go to work or socially acceptable to go drink beer, depending on what day of the week it is. But taking advantage of an early awakening and the not-horrendous temperatures this morning, I went for a little stroll near my house.

Iron Maiden was one of my favorite bands as a youth, and I still retain some fondness for them, so every time I pass by this sign I mentally say "Maiden!!" to myself in a faux-Wayne's World voice. It's hardly the stupidest little habit I have, but it's up there.

I don't really know why Maiden Lane exists. It's basically a back alley, but doesn't really lead anywhere anyone would need to go. It's got some alternative entrances to Chinese joints and condo complex parking lots. That's about it. I saw two things that seemed to actually have Maiden Lane addresses; one a garage (not a garage business -- just a garage), the other a condo building that actually faced out onto a larger street.

A friend once told me that some of the little lanes and such in my neighborhood had some purpose back in the pre-automobile era, but I've now forgotten what that purpose was, so I'm not sure why I'm even bringing this up.

A for effort and spelling, D for execution (bars are backwards). See me after class.

Here's that garage. Looking very... garagey. I dig the numbers, though.

Maiden Lane seems to have been paved only recently -- I remember it being gravel the last time I drove on it (which was probably two years ago, at least). Now it may be the best-paved street in Atlanta, which I'm sure is a thrill for the five people that drive it daily.

Parts of this poster were torn away and illegible, which is unfortunate, because I was pretty excited to finally find out who caused Katrina.

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Anonymous said...

g yer funny.
and arent the back alleys so the, um, "help" didnt go to the front door?