Thursday, August 28, 2008

Klouček #7

Now here's some of that excitement that was desperately needed: a new Tomáš Klouček, my ... seventh. If you want to see the others, they're here (though I don't think I ever posted the Blue Jackets jersey).

I could have been showing off #7 AND #8 today. A couple weeks back, I e-mailed Brushback to point out a TK Rangers that was up on eBay, since he'd once shown interest in getting a Klouček jersey. He cleverly suggested that instead I should go for it, as it would improve my collection. I saw his wisdom, and showing the will-power I'm known for, I got into the bidding. Probably for the best, I ended up outbid.

This is Klouček's 2007-08 home jersey from RI OKNA Zlín, the Czech league club. He'll be spending 2008-09 with Barys Astana of Kazakhstan, so I probably won't end up tracking down his new jersey.

The RI OKNA logo. They seem to be a construction company. They have a secondary logo, which is a kind of stylized house in a stylized circle in front of a stylized hockey stick, which is kind of cooler, but it only shows up on the sleeves.

For the last few years before this past season, the Hamé food company was the main sponsor, so the jerseys had a bear that was either snarling or cuddly, depending on when you looked at him. I found some Hamé marmalade in a European import grocery here a couple years ago, and was more excited than I care to admit.

Cuddly-style bear still shows up, but he's relegated to the side of the front now.

One other note: 22 is one of my lucky numbers (really - along with 2 and 13), so getting a #22 Tomáš Klouček jersey is a sign of something good, right? Actually, the Syracuse jersey is also #22, but I'm not as crazy about the Crunch jerseys as I am about Czech ones.

Other than that , there's a surprising lack of wear for a guy that racked up 142 penalty minutes (I think that's the equivalent of about 900 in the NHL) and got thrown out of a few games. I would've expected lots of rips and stuff, but I guess they're using tougher material.

Oh, and I can now wear a Klouček jersey every day of the week. Beat that for awesome.

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Brushback said...

Yes, that is an awesome jersey. Yes.