Sunday, August 31, 2008

Atlanta, Last Day of August

You go to the trouble of making a stencil with your dopey stab at irony, sneak out under cover of darkness, get your message on to a hapless utility box -- and never think to double-check your spelling? You people make me crazy. Crazy, I say.

Once upon a time, this must have been a fairly bustling little corner -- the building to the right was the Ford Factory, and the trains would have rumbled by just overhead. Now the factory has been converted into decrepit lofts and struggling businesses, the train tracks are overgrown and forgotten, and this was taken from the vantage point of a run-down Kroger parking lot. The Beltline would run right by here, on the old tracks, which might actually do something for the area (or make it worse, I guess. I really need to learn something about the project).

Even the police stations go out of business around here.

If I ever do a coffee table book of Atlanta's best signs, rest assured, Dugan's, you'll be featured prominently.

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Anonymous said...

only a portion of the ford factory has been converted to lofts. The vast majority has been offices for the city government for a long time. Currently, the city offices are moving out and that whole space is about to get a giant renovation. I have high expectations for that area in the near future.