Friday, July 18, 2008

Lobster Lovers

I'm on a four-day weekend right now, which is pretty nice. When I was a kid four-day weekends would stretch before me, promising great delights, and then I'd spend all four days watching TV. I don't really watch much recreational television these days, but other than that I'm proving myself just as adept at wasting time as I was at eight.

I had a rather pleasant ethnic day yesterday, going to a little Mexican joint out on Buford Highway for lunch (finally found Mexican food that didn't taste like TV dinner, after living here for a mere nine years) followed by a trip to the Russian grocery that I occasionally frequent. At the Russian grocery, I found my new favorite beer, even if (as I suspect) it turns out to taste not that great:

My first thought was that it was lobster-flavored beer, which sounds awful, but that doesn't appear to be the case (I haven't opened it yet, so it could still surprise me!). This is great marketing all around: the name "Lobster Lovers;" the art showing a woman either sporting a giant lobster tattoo, or being attacked by a stealthy crustacean; and the slogan on the back, "Has life ever snapped at you? Grab it by the claws!" which shows that Lithuania has equaled America in goofy alcohol marketing slogans (it beats anything for Captain Morgan rum, that's for sure). That's right, it's Lithuanian, from the Rinkuškiai brewery. I'm pretty sure I've had Lithuanian beer before, but it failed to make much of an impression. I have a feeling this beer will follow suit, but at least they've got it in a memorable package.


Brushback said...

I had a Lithuanian beer earlier in the week, though I'm forgetting what it was-- came in a big half-liter bottle.

It wasn't that great. I'm Lithuanian by heritage, but I won't be drinking this particular beer again.

Brushback said...

It was Kalnapilis-- I was able to google it fairly easily. Can't be that special.

gsdgsd13 said...

I remember the Lithuanian beers I've had as being (no offense!) kind of watery, and somehow I suspect the same of this one. Later on tonight I'll be able to report back. There was also a 9.5% version of LOBSTER LOVERS, which I avoided due to my current commitment to health.

Actually, Estonian beers were kind of watery too. Maybe it's a Baltic thing. Anyone out there able to give us some feedback on Latvian brews?