Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Fuel Crisis ENDED

At the Peachtree race, there were a variety of booths for political candidates along the route -- we've got a primary election next Tuesday, so this was a pretty easy way to reach 100,000 or so.

None of them really kept my interest, except for one voluble fellow: he was enthusiastically touting the virtues of Senate candidate Rand Knight, devoting most of his spiel to one subject:


Right there, cool stuff. If Atlanta's got anything in abundance, it's kudzu, and the idea of cramming it into my gas tank is extremely appealing. It sounds like I could get a year's worth of fuel for my car just on Ralph McGill alone. I figured this must be high flake value -- the name "Rand" conjures up "Atlas Shrugged" images, and, well, kudzu into gas?

The reality is far more grounded, though -- he just touts kudzu as a source for ethanol, which is hardly weird, and he seems like a pretty right-on guy, at least going by the PPA's standards. Enough so that I'll probably get out and vote for him next Tuesday. You heard it here first -- the Post-Pessimist Association's first-ever endorsement!

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Brushback said...

Vote all you want-- I have a hard enough time getting a Coke machine to work.