Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Winding Down

Vacation is almost over already? Is this fair? I had visions of the trip spurring this blog to new intellectual heights, but aside from a scrawled note reading "Chris Osgood/Sam McPheeters = separated at birth!!" I've got nothing. I did find some of my old high school literary magazines in the basement, so if I'm low on material and lose my remaining shreds of dignity, I'll probably be reduced to posting my essays from those.

I feel pretty fantastic, despite a Colorado diet that treats pork, beer, cheese, and coffee as the four main food groups. It's been very very relaxing. It kind of drives home what an unrelenting grump I've been in recent months.

For lack of anything better, here's the PPA Colorado playlist:

Rocket From the Crypt "Circa Now!"
Easy Action
Mastodon "Leviathan"
The Mekons "Fear and Whiskey"
Lungfish "Pass and Stow" and "Artificial Horizon"
Lifter Puller "Fiestas and Fiascos"
The Jesus Lizard "Goat"

Sobering realization of the day: "Circa Now!" is as old today as "Houses of the Holy" was when I was a teenager.


fredoluv said...

I was just listening to "Fiestas and Fiascos" again a few weeks ago -- I liked re-listening enough at work that I ended up burning a disc an listening to it in my car for a few days as well. I love that album.

I've that same sobering thought a few times re: old albums and their correlation to what we listened to as "classic" rock as teenagers. It's weird, I try to pretend I don't notice.

fredoluv said...

NP: the new Hold Steady album, btw. I forgot i'd downloaded it...