Sunday, June 15, 2008


So Sunday's Turkey-Czech Republic match was one of the best soccer matches I've seen, while also throwing a giant wrench into my Euro 2008 rooting interests. I had to watch at work, meaning lots of muffled cheers (early) and groans (late). It was a hell of a good game, ruined a bit by the fact that it was my number one rooting interest folding like a card table. I freely admit I don't know enough about soccer to say anything intelligent, but the Czechs did seem (to my untrained eye) really, really passive in the tournament, concentrating more on keeping the other guys from scoring (until the last 20 minutes of this match, ha ha!) than scoring themselves.

Anyway, the hell with it, I'm cheerfully slutty about my sports affiliations so I'll be rooting for Croatia to win now (if the Czechs had won today, they would have faced Croatia in the quarters -- now, at least, my Pan-Slavic loyalties won't be divided). And the Netherlands if the Croats go down.

Sad, time-to-rethink-things moment of this first round: feeling a moment of pride because two members of the Czech team (Jan Polak and Marek Matejovsky) have spent time with my FC Brno club in Worldwide Soccer Manager. And really, at this point, I should start making any more computer soccer admissions.

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