Thursday, June 12, 2008

Kloucek Lands

I've been meaning to do a few posts, one on the trip up to Leadville (now a week and a half old), another on Euro 2008, but those will have to wait as we've got some sort of breaking news: Tomáš Klouček has signed with HC Barys Astana in Kazakhstan. They'll be playing in the new Continental Hockey League next season, and I think we've all got to admit that this signing is a pretty big coup for the new league.

The downside: it's probably hard as hell to get Barys Astana game-worn jerseys.

HCBA will, of course, now be the PPA's official non-NHL rooting interest in the coming season. You can follow them here, if a) you read Russian and b) they ever update the page again (last update - May 21st).

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