Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Balkans Be Letting Me Down

I'm in DC for a few days of frolic with the Ski Bum and Fidel, so I haven't been on this at all. I arrived at the hotel just in time to catch the extra time and penalties in the Croatia-Turkey Euro 2008 game, when Croatia snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, followed immediately by defeat from the jaws of victory. People in rooms next to me were undoubtedly entertained by my screaming "YES! YES! YES!" followed by "NO! NO! NO!" two minutes later.

After Croatia fell, I adopted the Dutch, with predictable results. At this point I'll just pass on rooting for anyone, to save myself disappointment. If I weren't so personally scarred by their last two wins, I probably would adopt Turkey -- their scrappy comebacks are endearing. I wonder if people are getting really hot and bothered about their advancement in Euro 2008, in an Ottomans-advancing-on-Vienna sort of way.

The night of the Croatia debacle, Fidel and I went to the Brickskeller beer bar, a longtime favorite of mine, best known for an amazing selection of worldwide beers. Among them: an Albanian beer (name withheld), which I'd never seen in the U.S. I insisted we get a round, and... it was awful. It tasted of honey and foulness. I drank this particular beer a lot when in Albania, and remember it being fine, so I'm going to blame some error in the export process. I have to do that, to stay sane. So disappointing.


Nanuk of the North said...

I liked going to the Brickskeller when I lived in DC many eons ago. I'm glad to hear it is still there.

Go Italia!

Tapeleg said...

You're in DC? I'm in DC!