Sunday, June 01, 2008

All the Colorado You Can Eat

Hey, pictures. I managed to secure the use of a USB cord so tragedy has been averted. I spent the morning up in the old mining town of Leadville, about which more tomorrow; in the meantime, pictures around Boulder.

The Boulder Book Store's "Bookend Cafe," the place I usually go to drink coffee in the morning and perhaps my favorite coffee shop on earth. Not because the coffee is particularly spectacular, but because sitting out there in that setting is pretty goddamn relaxing.

The Boulder Theater. For several years, the now-defunct newspaper that I toiled at was located next door to this place. As a result, I never really thought much about it -- getting in to just about every show for free (we shared restrooms and an owner with the theater) makes places a bit less special -- but it's really a pretty cool theater. Nice art deco design, and holy cow, that's the largest and least subtle depiction of male genitalia ever.

Don't worry: the females are equally represented on the inside ceiling. Seriously. My old friend Bill Simpson, now long M.I.A., and I went in and examined it one drunken night, and yeah -- there was one big vagina on the ceiling.

I think I went to the Sundown Saloon about twice in my time here, and it's really not my type of place, but I'm glad that a place like the Sundown manages to survive in very clean, very upper-crust Boulder.

And finally, Tom's Tavern. Gone for months now, but the signs are still up. I'd like to think they'll stay, regardless of what takes its place -- I can't remember Boulder without them. I'm not enough of an optimist to think that'll happen, though.

More tomorrow, unless I'm hungover!


Anonymous said...

Subtle depiction of male genitalia my ass. That thing has a head on it and it's in bas relief. It's a fucking BLUE hard-on spewing rays of sunshine for fuck's sake. And don't forget the gallons of FREE BEER you sucked down from those 24-7 beer taps son. There's not another paper on the planet where the distance between your computer, the bathroom and the beer taps is almost equidistant.

gsdgsd13 said...

Ok, I'm dying to know who this is. Simpson? Burrus?