Friday, May 16, 2008

Too Lazy to Think Up a Title

2008 winner, Laziest Homeless Guy in Atlanta award: the guy who sat on a curb and yelled "hey! man! Give me some money" across half a parking lot today. As someone who's rather lazy himself, I applaud his commitment to energy conservation, but it didn't pay off here since I'm also too lazy to walk across a parking lot.

I haven't exactly been Captain Fun Super Blogger lately -- work is a killer and when I'm not working I'm tied up with various project-type things that don't make for good blogging. And then when I'm not doing those I'm staying up til 4 a.m. drinking Maudite (which is apparently Quebec-language for either "skull-cleaver" or "don't drink four of these right in a row, merde-head") and, seriously, playing Worldwide Soccer Manager, which is about as addictive as heroin and about as productive (though since FC Brno are now Czech first division champions thanks to my leadership, maybe all the naysayers will back off).

I saw my friend Sherri yesterday, and she gently chastised me for not updating lately, but I just haven't done much -- haven't read much, haven't gone out shooting photos (aside from the above sign -- I was heading out to Sweetwater Creek with the Ski Bum and saw it, and had to make a return with the camera), haven't done much of anything. Hope that'll change -- if nothing else, I return to Colorado in two weeks, which will spawn all sorts of mewling about how great it is.


Tapeleg said...

I don't know if I told you this one, so I will put it in your comments.

While MegMegMeg and I were in Atlanta, we were walking home, when a guy from across the street yelled at us:

Dude - "Hey, man, help the homeless?"

Me - "no."

Dude - "I don't blame you!"

Worst salesman ever.

Ashish said...


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Nanuk of the North said...

Maudite: Beer of the damned.

Brushback said...

Greg, please contact Mr. Baldua right away. I am greatly looking forward to my enhanced reader's experience.

gsdgsd13 said...

I should reward his persistence -- usually spam postings seem to be a one-time affair, but this is the third or fourth time I've got this particular offer. Unfortunately, I'm also too lazy to take him up on it. Besides, what could enhance the reader's experience more than the haunting gaze of the wind-up penguin?