Saturday, May 31, 2008

Rocky Mountain High

I was waiting to do a post until I got my photos uploaded, then I just now realized that Commandant Genius (that's me) either forgot to pack his digital camera USB cord or packed it so well that it can't be found.

So, I'm back in the homeland. I had a dawn flight yesterday, which rendered me more or less useless for my first 20 hours here. When I was a kid, the PPA family was split regarding vacation departures: my Dad and I went for the wake up at some ungodly hour, depart before dawn choice, while my Mom and siblings preferred to sleep in. After getting up at 4:45 am yesterday, I think I've finally defected and left Dad as the only pro-early family member.

But, now, I'm refreshed and awake. I timed it pretty well (if there's tornadoes tomorrow, this may be rescinded) -- the weather's amazing and this life without stress is not bad. I spent a couple hours on the parents' patio yesterday, drinking Fat Tire and reading Pynchon, staring at the clouds and feeling pretty good. This morning I went down to the Pearl Street Mall, drank coffee and bloody marys and enjoyed the sun and breeze, and wondered why I ever left this place.

The answer to that, of course, is that as of summer 1999 I didn't have a job and thus didn't have much choice. In any case, right now it's feeling like paradise. I know that in the coming days I'll deal with self-righteous dorks and kamikaze bicyclists, and remember that it isn't perfect. But it's pretty fantastic.

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