Friday, May 02, 2008

Looking Forward to Euro 2008

I meant to sprint out of work last night and join Tapeleg and Meg to see the Avalanche's last hurrah, but things got busy and I stayed an extra 45 minutes, then I got stuck in Bon Jovi traffic, and so I arrived at the bar, sprinted into the back room, and looked up at the screen:

7-1. (it ended 8-2.)

I'm glad I missed the majority of the game; that was the hockey equivalent of Super Bowl XXIV for me. There's no team left that I really feel anything for -- maybe the Canadiens, but they're about to bounce out; maybe the Penguins, but only because I like penguins. The Wings look too good to lose (though their fans continue to indicate that Detroit was used as a thalidomide testing ground; that's some comfort), so I'll just set my sights on soccer. Go whichever Slavic team does best!

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sauersan said...

"stuck in Bon Jovi traffic" — a quotable quote if ever there was one.

i, too, am looking forward to Euro 2008. it's such a wide open field, which could lead to a repeat of 2004 when a true underdog/outsider/non-traditional power took home the title (that would be Greece).

so who knows — maybe this edition of the tournament will see, instead, the title won by a perennial underachiever nation, such as Spain, or even Holland. both sides have quality in abundance, yet both are known to self-destruct.

ahhh, soccer. game on!