Wednesday, May 07, 2008

History Lesson

Not much from me lately, I know. I've been constantly slammed and just really haven't had anything to write about. I'm three weeks away from a direly-needed trip back to Colorado, which will hopefully make life bearable again.

As is often the case in these situations, I turn to a hockey jersey.

Dukla Jihlava is one of my favorite Czech clubs based solely on aesthetics. Yellow is not one of my favorite colors, but somehow, Dukla's pairing of it with purple/red/burgundy (the shade seems to have evolved back and forth over time) looks really nice. Well, usually. I've got several Dukla jerseys, and some of them are among my favorites in my collection.

This one's dating back to the final years of Communism -- it looks much older with the cheap material. When I bought it, it was advertised as 1970s -- it almost definitely is mid- to late-1980s, though.

The only Vyhlidal I can find in my books about Dukla (yes, I have books about Dukla. Two of them. In a language I can't speak or read) is Michal Vyhlidal, who first joined the team in the late 1980s. A Czech friend who's pretty up on the history also says that's the only Vyhlidal that's played for them since the 1970s, at least. So I'm assuming this is him. He's actually still active, apparently, playing in lower Czech divisions and Slovenia recently.

One problem, though: as far as I can tell, he joined the main team the year AFTER this style went out of favor. So my guess is that this was initially worn by someone else, then handed down to Vyhlidal either on the youth team, or for a brief call-up to Dukla.

Dukla is a popular name among Warsaw Pact-era sport teams. Named for, I believe, a World War II battle in Slovakia, "Duklas" were generally army-related clubs (and therefore generally did pretty well). Dukla Jihlava in Czech hockey, Dukla Trencin in Slovak hockey, Dukla Prague in Czech soccer. Since the fall of Communism, most Duklas seem to have suffered (Dukla Trencin is doing ok under private ownership, I think).

Jihlava, meanwhile, has other significance: it's the hedgehog city, back on the PPA front page!

As usual, Tapeleg is to blame for all these jersey things.


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Jiri said...

Hi, are you still interested in Dukla Jihlava?