Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Sittin' Here in a Hired Tuxedo

Has it really been a year already since the first BaconFest at Dad's Garage? (Answer: yes) Unlike last year's, we weren't blessed with sunny skies, and DJ Prey has left town, but the Wall was there, the Elk stopped by, and there was bacon. And beer.

You know that you eat too much bacon when you're looking at it with a critic's eye, but the bacon this year seemed better. Not only better than last year's, but perhaps better than any I've ever had. It was supplied by the Vortex, which I don't go to a lot. I may have to see what sort of bacon-related products they have on offer, as this was really good bacon. Not too crispy, not too chewy.

The torrential rain drove us inside for a bit, and we got a free show of the improv comedy that Dad's Garage does more regularly than bacon-festing. Improv really isn't my thing but it was pretty hilarious, though I'll admit that I'd had a few beers by this point.

Later in the day, starting to feel logy from all the b&b, I won a DVD (three Edward G. Robinson films that I've never heard of) in a football-tossing competition, then departed, cheerfully sozzled. On the way out, two 20-something girls in "Crunk" t-shirts gave me a can of "Crunk" energy drink and then took a photo of me drinking it. I presume it's for an ad campaign, and rightly so -- if there's a word that describes my lifestyle, it's "crunk." Look for me on billboards soon. I strolled home through the Atlanta streets, ignoring the pounding rain -- just like that one Edward G. Robinson film where he eats lots of bacon, gets drunk, then walks through the rainy streets drinking "Crunk."


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