Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Cool Signs of Atlanta, vol. 236⅞

Went for another downtown stroll the other day, and at some point I found myself thinking "hmm, I don't know where the hell I am." Then I came across a street I knew, mostly for its reputation as one of the seediest/most dangerous streets in Atlanta. So I headed vaguely eastward, eventually found myself back on the more familiar Marietta Street, and saw this beauty.

I've driven past it before, but it's always been at times when I didn't have a camera on me. This time I did, but also came to a sad conclusion: there's no public spot to get a good angle on this one.

Some actual history here: it looks like this sign probably dates to the late 1960s or early 1970s. The building is now lofts, natch. As far as I can tell, Pioneer Neon isn't in business any more.

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auntie_maim said...

hi there, just an fyi re: marietta st. pioneer sign. yes, pioneer was sold in the 90's and made into lofts.

i was a child when that sign was being painted - all by hand - it was my dad's idea to have a 'daniel boone' type character on the wall.

pioneer neon opened on luckie st in 1946 & moved to marietta st in the early 60's, if i recall correctly.

the building was the selig building before our dad bought it.

i worked there for 10 years, and it was truly a family business. i was too young to appreciate the architecture inside, the old wide wooden steps, the elevator you had to pull a cord to make it move up or down, so many nooks and crannies to explore. i wonder what the inside looks like now, i think i would be sad.

my dad was a pioneer in the sense that he was first-generation american, only one in his family to attain a college degree, and he had a vision to literally, 'light up the south' after his army stint.

he died in 1997, and i miss him every day.

the pioneer sign is part of his legacy.

thank you for bringing a smile along with a cherished image.