Saturday, March 29, 2008

There Will Be Quiet After the Storm

We're all of a sudden into the Atlanta period where it's gorgeous when you wake up, gorgeous when you eat lunch, gorgeous when you sit out on a restaurant patio drinking a bottle of wine alone and contemplating all of life's missed opportunities, gorgeous when you go to bed. So I'm a bit more energized than usual, and that means one of the PPA epochs where I vow to get on a heavier posting schedule. It'll last a week or so, before it starts getting hot and I just lay in bed all day with three air-conditioners going.

But in the meantime, pictures. Lots and lots of pictures. There's one long-ass post coming, but it requires some research and photo-sorting, so it won't be 'til Sunday or Monday.

On the same long walk that will eventually produce the aforementioned long-ass post, I finally shot a few pictures of some of the tornado damage. I refrained up 'til now because immediately afterwards, city officials were asking people to please stay the hell away, and a friend who lives down in one of the worst-affected areas was less than amused by all the people gawking at ruined houses. Two weeks later, there was still plenty of evidence of the storm...

The Fulton Cotton Mill Lofts -- one of the worst-hit (if not the worst-hit) buildings. At least in portions, multiple levels pancaked (this was where we sort of assumed a bunch of people died -- miraculously, no one did). Normally, the view here would have been blocked by a fence, but...

The fence went down too.

Back downtown, a mile and a half away, it's more office buildings and hotels that got hit. Before they boarded up some of the high-rise damage, it looked unreal -- like the buildings were torn tinfoil. Now, the Equitable looks like a malfunctioning Atari 2600 game.

There you have it: the grisly evidence from the storm that could have killed me (if I'd actually been where it hit). More stuff later!

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