Saturday, March 08, 2008

Newly Abandoned

Here's a case study in why people in Atlanta get sick, over and over: the last two days it's been sunny, highs in the 70s. Today? I woke up to snow, and it's not supposed to get above 40. This is also (I think) the fourth or fifth time it's snowed this year, which must be some sort of record (at least while I've been living here, and that's all that matters, isn't it?).

Not unusual to see abandoned buildings around town; it is kind of unusual, though, when I used to hang out at the place a lot. This was the Prince of Wales pub, my regular stomping grounds from about late 2003-mid 2005. It was part of a chain of faux-Brit pubs around town, with dim lighting, heavy food, and Guinness. Not sure what happened but apparently it was something tax/legal related. Two of the chain closed really suddenly right around Christmas -- the one right across the street from me (Hand in Hand) seems to still be going strong.

The POW already looks like it's been abandoned for years, gutted and stripped. It wasn't the best bar in town, far from it, but lotsa memories there. Most of them along the lines of playing "Piano Man" on the jukebox to annoy the bartender or getting sick after eating the chicken and chips, but still.

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