Thursday, March 20, 2008

In Praise of Takeout

I've been by the little bunker-style building on MLK many times, and always been kind of intrigued -- more for photography purposes than food purposes, since it's got some cool signs and I could never really tell if it was open or not. But lately, I've been berating myself for eating out in bars too much and ethnic food joints not enough, and berating Atlanta for a dearth of good quick takeout places, so today I gave Nick's a try.

It seems to have a pretty loyal following, and wow, I can see why -- if the food I had today (souvlaki gyro, Greek salad) is any indication, this'll be one of my favorite restaurants in town. The place is just a little concrete block painted Greek colors, and inside it smells amazing. Today was lasagna day, and I'll have to try that sometime -- it smelled great. Put in my order, lingered for 5-10 minutes admiring the Greek tourist photos and reading the clippings (one of which was headlined "I Go Greek Once a Week" -- um, I always thought "going Greek" had another connotation), got my food, drove in to work, and went crazy. It's really, really good.

It's been around about a decade, an eternity for Atlanta. I figured it was longer, because the cool signs on the other side of the building look very '60s-ish. Say, Greg, why didn't you take any pictures of those signs? Since that's, like, all you do? Sadly, I forgot. Next time. But anyway. Atlanta people: Nick's kicks ass. And it plays to my world view -- in Greg-land, Greek restaurants should always be named Nick's. (Italian restaurants should be named Sal's.)

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