Saturday, March 15, 2008


So if you've been near a newscast this evening, you've likely heard that tornadoes tore through downtown Atlanta. This isn't really a common event, and it's less so when I'm at a bar, watching the tornado go down the other side of the street. We were at Fidel's going-away party when torrents of rain started pounding down -- then they stopped, the sky turned a sickly green, and hey, there's a fence post (or something) flying lazily through the air over there. The power went out, we all (counterintuitively) ran inside, only to realize that we were in a confined area next to giant windows and shelves of liquor bottles (I told you it was counterintuitive). The storm passed pretty quickly, we eased outside and called people to check on whether they were ok, then people started screaming and storming out of the restaurant next door -- either there was a fire, or someone accidentally pulled a fire alarm, depending on who you ask. We retreated to a bar with power, I had nachos and told anyone who would listen about my brush with death. It's kind of sad that this is the most invigorating thing I've felt in, oh, a year and a half.


Brushback said...

It was all because of that stupid penguin, and his friggin blase attitude.

gsdgsd13 said...

I dunno -- we could all stand to be as cool under pressure as that penguin. I mean, this morning, he seemed considerably less fazed by the tornado than I was.