Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Award Winner

A long time since a jersey post. Too long.

If you remember, back in January, I wore a HC Velvana Kladno jersey to the All-Star Game, and some guys doing a radio show pronounced it the coolest jersey they'd seen all day. By my reading, that makes the Velvana Kladno jersey a blue-ribbon jersey, and I've already placed it on my résumé.

(I won a hockey card game for having the coolest jersey, but I've yet to play it. Suggesting such a thing to most of my friends would invite mockery, and saying "wanna play a hockey card game?" to strangers is a good way to get lots of space at the bar.)

This is one of three Kladno jerseys in my collection. Kladno's most famous player is Jaromir Jagr -- his involvement in the club's management (and I think his Dad is still the president or something) probably explains why they have a penguin as the logo. Since the rather messy Jagr-penguin divorce, they've dropped the penguin, but not gone on to Capital- and Ranger-themed jerseys. Instead, they have a bulldog that looks a bit learning-deficient.

I dig penguins, so I like this jersey -- even if it's got a sort of beginning-graphic design look about it.

It was worn by Petr Kounovsky (wearing this led an old Polish man to approach me, thinking I was from ol' Polska -- just one of many people I've disappointed in my life). Kounovsky only played five games with the big club in the late '90s, so it's not exactly torn up. He's still active -- this past season he apparently split time between a lower-division Czech club and a Slovenian team, HK Maribor.

The team was sponsored by Velvana back then (hence the name "HC Velvana Kladno" -- see how that works?). Velvana appears to be some sort of auto-polish supply place. Kladno's now known as "Geus Okna Kladno," which I wanna say is an insurance company or something, but it's not like I'm gonna look it up.

The jersey was made by "Martin Straka 28," which is/was the current Rangers/former Penguins forward's jersey company. I can't find a webpage or any citations indicating it's still around. Maybe it went out of business when Straka went back to wearing #82.

Note the eyebrow: this is an angry penguin. Somehow, "angry penguin" never sounds all that threatening, though by all accounts they're pretty tough birds. Kladno hasn't won a league title since 1980, though (when their logo was the woman with a star over her head) so I guess the penguin failed to intimidate rivals.


Brushback said...

Penguins can be angry. That'sone thing Bud commercials have taught me.

gsdgsd13 said...

That is true-- the Budweiser penguins were threatening, and perhaps related to this guy.

I also notice the Kladno penguin seems to have a big "V" tattoo on his chest, which is pretty badass.

alanah said...

I can't fully understand the jersey-collection obsession. I mean, unless you have a blog, it's pretty impossible to show them all off. There's just not enough wall space to put them up.

You've got - what now - 200 of the things stacked up in your closet these days???

Freakin' madness.

gsdgsd13 said...

I think it's only ("only") about 70. I'm actually selling a few off (if you'd like to buy one!), just 'cause more of my closet is taken up by jerseys than by, say, clothes I wear to work...

Brushback said...

Yeah, Greg-- if you only had a blog, then you could show your jerseys off.