Friday, February 15, 2008

Sometimes There's Benefits

It's not all fun and games here in Atlanta, but every once in a while living here pays off -- for instance, when I'm able to go for an evening stroll in t-shirt and shorts on February 15th. (Just two or three days after it was snowing a little, no less.) Don't worry, LP and Nanuk, in July you'll be relatively comfortable while I'll be wishing I'd never been born.

In the absence of anything else, the rest of the photos from last weekend:

This seemed to be an apartment building, or mixed apartments and offices -- this little alcove caught my eye because it seemed much less Atlanta than London, as if it should have been named "McGill Mews" or similar.

The same building, from the side -- tragic truth revealed, the cool front is all that remains of the old building, and the rest is nondescript add-on from sometime in the late 20th century.

In an effort to spruce up the viaducts above the Downtown Connector, Atlanta's put in some folk art installations. Some of 'em are pretty cool.

Ah, the Imperial Hotel, how have I somehow missed you over the years? Actually, I've noticed it plenty of times, just always been in the wrong spot or in a car or whatever. Against all odds, it's actually been renovated and is being used, apparently as a low-cost housing project that (at least from the outside) looks very well-kept.

Not so well-kept: the Medical Arts Building. It's been largely gutted inside, I believe, and just sits vacant with no real plans for its future. Phreakmonkey, again, went inside a while back -- cool photo spreads here and here.

Homeless dude started yelling at me as I took this photo.

One more for the road. Dig that sign.


KC said...

Man, is the grate / boarding missing off the front of the Med Arts Bldg again?!?! (left of main entrance.) I tell ya, trying to keep that building closed up is a losing battle. The owner needs to do something with it while there is still something left of it.

I remember when the Imperial Hotel sat boarded up and abandoned. I kept meaning to go shoot it, but wasn't quite as bold then. :-P

- phreakmonkey

Anonymous said...

rumor is that Emory owns the Medical Arts Building.

they have no plans to utilize the space any time soon. and they have no interest in selling it -- just keeping the property in case they want a downtown presence sometime in the future....